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Keri D.

Hidden Gem for Sure! I wish more people knew about this place!! Amazing staff and owner - totally helped me with my post-pregnancy foot that changed shape and size and I had no idea what I needed in a shoe... and for flat and wide feet. And helped me while I had a fussy baby in store (yes I was that mom). Seriously, I wouldn't go anywhere else from now on for Athletic shoes/gear - worth every penny! Don't sell yourself short, get the right fit and shoe for your needs. Go to the Athlete's Source in Bethel!!

Allison K.

Very knowledgeable and helpful. The owner was extremely attentive to my needs and preferences. He asked plenty of questions about my particular workout routine and put a lot of thought into the shoe fitting process. The prices are also reasonable for good-quality athletic shoes. Would strongly recommend a fitting here for anyone who is active or simply on their feet a lot.

S. L.

I am a foot and ankle clinician and I refer my orthotic and brace patients to The Athlete's Source for a proper athletic shoe fitting.  Athlete's Source fitters are well-equipped to recommend footwear that accommodates many common foot, ankle & leg injuries, as well as custom orthotic devices.  They have a very good selection of athletic shoes that come in a wide variety of sizes, widths and shapes.  These guys even measure your feet with a Brannock Device like they used to way back when.
Athlete's Source is the place to go for a good fitting and great service.

Athletes Source was recommended by two doctors and from a few locals to the area... Athletes Source exceeded all of my expectations and lived up to every single nice comment I previously heard.
The staff there is extremely friendly and comfortable. No pushy selling, only informed choices were offered. This is exactly how to start a relationship with new customers. Instead of a one time purchase I believe my family will be coming back time and time again, while recommending to others!
I'd also like to add they are more than sneakers and footwear, they have clothing and maintenance items to offer. They support local youth/adult clubs and school teams. They're proud of their roots and it shows.

Sherie B.

I had the best experience buying sneakers yesterday! Chris, one of the owners, was so patient and knowledgeable during the entire time I was at Athletes Source. He listened to my specific needs and found the perfect pair of sneakers for me. I highly recommend Athletes Source in Bethel , CT because it is the best place around for all your footwear. Thank you Chris for all our help!

Todd D.

I took my son here based on his doctor's diagnosis of flat feet. I thought he would need some special inserts or something.
Instead the staff explained different types of shoes and how they compensate for flat feet the way that the shoe is designed.
Super knowledgeable and helpful staff - a few folks helped us but mostly worked with Melina. Felt like she knew more than the doctor that diagnosed my son's flat feet!
I wound up getting new sneakers for my son, my daughter, and myself before we left - highly recommend!

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