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The Athlete's Source is the only store in CT who carries Foot Balance.

  Foot Balance was introduced in Europe in 2003! 

Custom molded Inserts are $84.95. 
A fraction of the cost of custom orthotics*.


Offers greater support for high impact activities. It is also suitable for more robust recreational users and performance athletes.

Features a stiffer core designed to give more support for individuals with excessive overpronation.
An excellent choice also for those needing more support in stiffer footwear such as steel-shank hiking and mountaineering boots.


Dynamic Blue

A great all-round model perfect for various sports. Offers great shock absorption and comfort with moderate support.

Dynamic Blue's moderate support provides strong flexibility for the wearer returning energy to the feet especially when running.



Perfect for those who want light, dynamic support with a minimalist feel.

Slim and tapered for a perfect fit in tight, low volume footwear such as cycling cleats, football boots, skates, spikes, racing flats and rugby boots. Features durable, highly abrasion resistant, moisture-wicking materials and a deep heel cup ready for rapid footwork. Great for sports where speed and performance come first!

* Custom molded inserts are not intended to replace custom orthotics. 

Anything molded by a doctor is intended to alleviate a medical issue. 

Custom inserts take the shape of your foot and arch in its natural state.